With over 10 years experience, Splash Owl Media is here to ensure your next marketing venture truly pays off. We offer a wide range of services from digital marketing to direct mail marketing. We take pride in our work. When our clients succeed, we succeed.

Splash Owl Media is a full service marketing agency that specializes in Facebook Ads. We get to know our clients and their unique needs.

The great thing about working with a small agency is the unique customer service experience. You know EXACTLY who you’re talking to each time instead of being passed around from different account managers. This 1:1 attention allows a more streamline process to connect your goals with a sound strategy to ensure your success. 

After my experience working for larger agencies, I didn’t like the conveyor-belt system. Clients were numbers instead of people. I enjoyed building relationships and truly getting to know the person I was serving. In 2015 I decided to build my own agency where I could focus on truly getting to know my clients, working with them to achieve their goals, and helping guide them through their marketing process.

I am a…

Wife to my college sweetheart

Mother to two beautiful children who are energetic and Star Wars fans (because we brain washed them)

Lover of 80’s music, fantasy/sci-fi books, and dancing in the living room like no ones watching

One of nine kids with six brothers and two sisters

Die-hard Steelers fan (I have to wear my Bettis jersey every game)

Lived in Orlando for most of my childhood so I am a massive Disney fan!

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