Ad Shifts in 2022

Feb 3, 2022 | Facebook Ads

Stay Ahead of the Ad Shifts in 2022

It’s no surprise to most that ad costs are continuously rising for most types of campaigns. This means your money doesn’t go as far as it did pre-pandemic. This also means we need to shift our focus and our strategy a bit to make sure we are getting the lowest cost per result possible and get the biggest return on investment.
So let’s talk strategy.


Do you have a Facebook Ad strategy for 2022?

If your answer is no, here are some ideas I’d like for you to consider.

#1 – List building

I’ve always been a big believer in using ads to build your email list. With all of the changes happening constantly in the ad world, we want to make sure our dollars go further. This means it’s incredibly important that you focus 75-90% of your monthly budget on lead generation.
One of my favorite campaigns to run for list building is called a Lead Generation Campaign.
Most of your sales are going to come from people who are already in your own community. Because of this, list building is step #1.

#2 – Email Welcome Sequence

What are you doing after a new lead joins your email list? This is where having an awesome email welcome sequence comes into play. A good welcome sequence can turn a lead into a customer.
I recommend having a 5-7 email sequence where you give value (tips, advice, pdf downloads, etc), showcase behind-the-scenes of your business, be clear on who you serve, showcase reviews, past products, or boxes, and a strong call-to-action or CTA.
Having a strong call-to-action means don’t be afraid to ask them for something. Most of the time this is to purchase from you. I recommend adding in a coupon code to sweeten the deal. This gives them a little thank you gift so they can try your product/box at a discount to see if they like it. Most people are hesitant about spending money with a company they do not know.

#3 – Retargeting Campaign

You may want to use the leftover ad budget on a retargeting campaign. Retargeting means we are only going to be sending this campaign to a warm audience which means someone who has already hit one of your other touchpoints (website visit, follow or engagement on social media, etc.).
Sending a conversion campaign to track purchases to a warm audience is the best use of the section of the budget. Sales ads that are going to cold audiences typically cost too much and many businesses don’t end up seeing that return on investment.

#4 – (Optional) Adding in more touchpoints

If you do all of the steps listed above and still aren’t seeing a good return, it could mean your audience needs a bit more nurturing. If this is the cast, add in a Post Engagement Campaign or Traffic Campaign.
Some other tweaks to make could be your email sequence, audiences you’re targeting, messaging, and/or graphics/videos.

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Check out our podcast episode on this topic for more ideas and breakdowns.

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