Are you ready for Facebook Ads?

Jul 9, 2020 | Facebook Ads

Are you a business owner who wants to ramp up your leads and sales with FB Ads? Let’s dive into my top myths about FB Ads and if I think you’re ready to add this to your business.

For those of you who are new here, my name is Becky Burgess. I’m the owner of Splash Owl Media, a digital marketing agency that specializes in FB Ads. I help business owners grow their business online by utilizing digital marketing. If you’re new here, please hit subscribe. All links will be available in the description area under this video. 

Let’s dive in!

Myth #1:

Many business owners don’t think they can afford or handle Facebook Ads. Or they don’t think it will benefit their business.


Facebook has over 2 BILLION active users PER MONTH so chances of your ideal customer being on Facebook is pretty good. 

Myth #2:

You have to have a massive budget to see any sort of return!


No! You do not have to have a massive budget to see results. You just have to have a good strategy and think outside the box to make yourself stand out from all the other ads that are running.

Myth #3:

I have to have a website and/or following to use FB Ads.


It’s great to have those things, but you can run ads without them. You do, however, need a Facebook Business Page. This allows you to run ads. 

As for not having a website, that’s okay too. If you have a landing page or somewhere to send new leads, that’s all you need. 

All of my current ads are going to my ClickFunnel landing pages. 

Side note: This is my favorite tool to use to build landing pages, funnels, and sell digital products. Very user friendly! So if you don’t have a website, no worries. 

Now, let’s qualify you!

I have a set of questions that I ask business owners to determine if they are ready for FB Ads, or how they can become ready if they’re not there yet.

#1 Do you know who you serve?

If you know exactly who you serve, then you are ready for Facebook Ads. 

I get asked audience and targeting questions ALL. THE. TIME. And I totally get it. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out who to target and how to break out these different audiences in your testing phase. 

But if you have a clear idea of who you are talking to then you know what they need right now, what they’re struggling with, etc. And you know the right things to say to them (aka your messaging). 

These are all incredibly important factors when we talk about running successful Facebook Ads. 

#2 Do you have a product or service?

Yes? Then you’re ready for FB Ads.

Facebook ads can be used for a variety of businesses and non-profits. So whether you’re selling online courses, trying to connect with local customers, or you’re trying to appeal to potential clients Facebook Ads are a great way to market yourself.

#3 Do you want to grow your email list and have a lead magnet already created?

Perfect! You’re ready for Facebook Ads.

Most businesses owners focus on growing an email list with Facebook Ads. This is something I recommend for those coming to work with us.

By focusing on your email list first, you take ownership of that data and the information someone gives you. This means that if Facebook decides tomorrow that they are removing Business Pages and your following just vanishes, you’re good because you own your email list and can continue communicating with them.

#4 Can you afford to spend even as little as $50 a month to build your business?

Then, you’re ready for Facebook Ads. 

I’m a firm believer that you do not need a massive budget to see results from Facebook. And I also believe that EVERY business should be setting aside a marketing budget from Day 1 of starting their business. 

Why? Because marketing is what is going to set you up for success in a shorter time frame than trying to do this organically. 

Even if you only have $20 a month to spend, do it!

I had a client from over 3 years ago who was only willing to spend $1 a day just to push her brand out to new people. That means she was only spending $30 a month on ad spend. 

Now she’s about to break $1 Million in her business and is way ahead of the game if she never ran those ads to being with. 

Plus, Facebook is constantly growing and more entrepreneurs and businesses are taking advantage of Facebook Ads. Which means cost per results (aka your ad cost) is more expensive today than it was 3 years ago and it’s continuing to grow. 

I love hearing from other business owners. If you have any additions to this list, any myths you heard that I didn’t share, or you have a question, please feel free to comment below.