Should you boost a post

Mar 18, 2022 | Business Growth, Facebook Ads

Should You Boost It

Boosting the post is so tempting. It’s incredibly easy to just click the button especially when you see how many people have the potential of seeing your ad. BUT should you do it? Should you boost your post? In this episode of the podcast, I dive into why I recommend NOT boosting and what I recommend you do instead.

For those that prefer to read, here’s a quick blog post.
So to answer the burning question, should you boost your post? Short answer – No, no you shouldn’t.
Look, I get it. Facebook makes it super easy to click a button and have the “potential” to reach [insert number here] many leads but truth is that twenty bucks is better spent elsewhere.
Instead of boosting a post, I recommend creating a Post Engagement campaign. This will take you possibly five more minutes to set up but will end up saving you loads in the long run. That’s assuming you want more control over the results you want your ads to receive. I, myself, enjoy having more control over the audience, placement, and budget which is why these campaigns are extra appealing to me.
They essentially do the same thing that boosting a post does BUT they do it much better. So the next time you see a post that’s gaining some organic traction that you want to throw some ad spend behind, create a Post Engagement campaign inside your Ads Manager.

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