Facebook Live: No More Video

Mar 5, 2018 | Facebook Ads

Hey there! I’m so jazzed about this new feature for doing Facebook Lives.


Okay, stay with me. Facebook Lives have plagued our society for over a year now and they are growing in popularity. Not only is Facebook’s algorithm ranking you higher on newsfeeds but people tend to be more engaged on a live video than any other type of post.

Seeing as the “you need to be doing Facebook Lives” isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, you’re left with either conforming even if you HATE doing live videos or being left out of the new trend. And for those of us who don’t like going live, we’re left frustrated….until now! About a month ago, Facebook introduced a new feature when you try to go live…NO VIDEO!

No more worrying about your makeup being on point, your hair being brushed, or even dressing up in things other than yoga pants and hoodies (totally talking to my alternate universe Becky right now). Nope, you get to enjoy all the positive things from doing a live video without the video part.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Click “Go Live”









Step 2: Click the three dots inside a circle icon at the bottom of the screen (showing on an Android phone)









Step 3: Click “Live Audio”

You can talk, connect, build engagement, and all the other fun things you want to achieve without actually going live. How cool is that!

Let me know below if you’ve tried this new feature before, how you like it, and/or if you found this tutorial helpful.