Finding your ideal customer with ads

Mar 25, 2022 | Business Growth, Facebook Ads

Finding your ideal customer with ads

Are you talking to the right person? Are you trying to navigate the world of ads and still not feeling like you’re talking to your ideal customer? In this episode, we are diving into all things audience, how to set them up, how to test them, and how to weed out the bad ones.

#1 – Testing Your Audience

During the initial 48-72 hour test, it’s ideal to test 3-5 audiences. This begins with a base audience and adding extra interests to narrow down further. 
For example: 
Base audience: Women, Ages 30-55, United States, Business Owner
Audience #1 – Base + Amy Porterfield = Audience Name: Amy Porterfield
Audience #2 – Base + ClickFunnels, Clickup, LeadPages = Audience Name: Business Tools
Audience #3 – Base + Forbes, Inc., Business Insider = Audience Name: Publication
After the initial testing phase, you will be able to see which audience converted the best for you.
Each audience gets their own Ad Set and I name the Ad Set after the Audience to help quickly identify the best converting ones. 

#2 – Weeding out the non-ideal customers

Once you create your audiences and run the test, you will see which ones convert and which ones don’t. Weeding out can be as simple as turning off the non-converting Ad Sets. 
More weeding out comes before and after the testing phase. Honestly, you’ll constantly be tweaking your offer, ads, and audiences to hone in on your ideal audience. 
Just remember this process takes time but will help you and your business grow. I don’t recommend giving up when you start a campaign and it doesn’t seem to be converting where you want it to. Tweak, adjust, and retest. I never recommend starting completely from scratch. 

#3 – Finding your ideal customers with your messaging

Your messaging is what will set you apart from your competition. It will allow you to draw in your ideal customers while pushing away your non-ideal. Be very clear on your brand voice and messaging. 
If you are not sure what this means for your business, think about what terms you use a lot when you speak to your audience. For me, I love addressing people with Hey Y’all instead of something more formal like “Hello, Thank you for being here.” The “Hey Y’all” is my way of bringing my laid-back, country-fide vibe to life. My brand is bright and fun because I enjoy being bright and fun. I enjoy teaching and running my business in a laid-back fashion. I worked enough years in Corporate America to know I do NOT want it anywhere near my brand. 
The messaging also speaks to the terms you use when you address the benefits of your brand or products. For example, instead of me listening to a new business owner and saying “you need a strategy audit” I would say “we should jump on a call to fix your ads”. Even though I will be performing the audit in order to achieve said goal, most new business owners don’t connect the two so that terminology could throw them off and turn them off. 

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