Using Facebook to Grow Your Traffic for FREE

Dec 14, 2017 | Business Growth, Facebook Ads

Are you on Facebook? And, how many groups are you in?

For me, it’s in the 100s. Plus I’m an admin to two rapidly growing entrepreneur and blogging groups. [We’d love for you to join the family.]

Bottom line, Facebook Groups are where it’s at and most bloggers and entrepreneurs aren’t using it correctly!

NO, not at all the correct ways to actually use a Facebook Group.

Now, let me backup by saying, we love our communities and the family we’re building and the movements we’re creating. We do not want to stop people from connecting and collaborating but there’s a certain respect that needs to be included.

This respect doesn’t just apply to the admins. Nope!

These rules are set in place for the people in the community. It would be chaos if all 10K+ people posted their latest blog posts on the wall.

Not to mention this strategy never works.

So, here’s what to do instead:


Like I said before, I’m a member of 100s of groups. But I’m not an active member in each of them.

That would be crazy!

Instead, I narrow my focus to a handful of groups that I tend to get the most engagement from.

Check out this Google Doc I put together of different groups for the different type of blogger/entrepreneur you are.

Pick about 3 or 4 groups that you want to focus on and grow within these communities. If this number still seems rather large then lower it to 2 groups.

Whatever floats your fancy.


Don’t just be that person who drops a link and moves on.

Develop relationships. Engage. Collaborate.

This is so incredibly important especially with the advances in technology. You can be working in the same office but not see your co-workers for days or weeks. Time is being spent in front of the computer or phone.

It’s easy to be detatched when you’re physically not there. And it takes more effort for you to be there for your fellow community members.

But take that time and be there. You’d be surprised at the connections you make.


Another easy and fast way to bridge this relationship gap is by helping others.

People post questions all the time in these groups asking for help and feedback. Be there for them. Help them.

They will remember you and your kindness.

100% of my clients have come from Facebook and about 80% of them from Facebook Groups referral.

This strategy works. I promise.

And it’s not that time-consuming.


During the promo days, go to others’ social media links and blog posts and comment, like, share, pin, whatever.

Then, go back to that Facebook promo and let them know in a reply comment what you did to support them.

About 9 times out of 10, they will reciprocate.

So don’t just drop your links and be done. This is a complete waste of time if you’re not going to support someone else in your community.


Okay, so I mentioned not to self-promote in groups. Most of the time this is a huge no-no. But there are ways around this where you don’t look sleazy.

  1. Reach out to the admin and tell them about an upcoming launch or freebie. Some groups have weekly features and you could make the cut. In both of my groups, we love featuring people in our community.
  2. Ask for feedback on designs, or opt-in incentive. Do not post links but rather share pictures. This shows respect for the admins and the rest of the members.
  3. Share your wins! If you hit 1K followers that’s a big win! Share it! Chances are people are going to want to connect with you, ask you what worked for you, and possibly even follow you themselves.


Be present! It just takes a matter of minutes each day or week to help build your community while also driving people to your site.

Be there for them and they will be there for you. Talk about your win-win!

What are your favorite groups on Facebook? Which ones do you get the most engagement and traffic from? And have you considered starting your own?