How to Create a Carousel Ad on Facebook

Sep 3, 2021 | Business Growth, Facebook Ads

Creating beautiful, streamline graphics in Canva for your next carousel ad is here.

Watch my step-by-step training video PLUS get the Carousel Ad Template bundle for only $7 here:

One of the new and exciting shifts in Facebook marketing is here! Continuous Carousel Ad Graphics!

Carousel Ads have actually been around for years but recently there’s been a growing number of business that have started doing something very creative with these ads.

If you’re ready to create beautiful carousel graphics like this, stay tuned. This is the easy way to create those continuous and streamline graphics you see for carousel ads.

Step #1: Grab my Canva Templates to help you with the process and cut the creation time by at least half.

Step #2: Know how many images you want to include in your carousel. I recommend 4-5 but four tends to be the sweet spot.

Step #3: Tweak your brand colors and style

Step #4: Download the full graphic as a png

Step #5: Reupload into Canva’s Instagram Post.

Step #6: Adjust each set how I show you in the gif below.

Watch the step-by-step tutorial below and don’t forget to grab the done-for-you template here for $7.


xo, Becky