What Offers Are Converting The Best Right Now With Facebook Ads

Jul 13, 2020 | Facebook Ads

Are you stuck on overwhelm with not knowing what to create for your audience? I have your answers. Today I’m going to share with you the top 5 high-converting lead magnets to use on your next campaign.

Hey there, entrepreneur, my name is Becky Burgess and I’m the owner a Splash Owl Media, a digital marketing agency that specializes in Facebook Ads. I help business owners put out the right content to the right audience and at the right time to drive leads and sales to their business every month.

Let’s dive in to today’s training!

Building Facebook Ads can be a beast on its own. But when we mix in the overwhelm of strategy and the frustration of content, we can be left with a massive amount of “I can’t do this” or “I have no idea where to start”.

Well, friend, I’m here to help clear out at that overwhelm and give you simple and direct solutions.

For those of you who aren’t sure what a lead magnet is, it’s called other names such as freebie or offer. Basically, this is something you create that has value and serves a pain point of your ideal audience in exchange for their name and email address.

I’ve worked with different types of business owners in varying niches. These are the offers I’ve seen convert extremely well in today’s market.

#1 – Mini Course

People are home right now and craving education and resources. A mini course is an easy to digest set of information for a cold lead.

Video is still the most popular way to build connections quickly while getting your questions answered.

And above is access to my FB Ad Mini Course. This is still my highest converting offer to date.

#2 – Template, Guide, Checklist

If you are able to make someone’s life a bit easier and help give them solve a problem or pain point with a simple download or template, this is a great way to bridge that gap with your audience.

Above is one of my client’s opt-ins. This one converts under a dollar per lead and is full of so much information. (If you want to see if for yourself, click on the image above.)

#3 – Masterclass

A masterclass is typically a video tutorial with a downloadable workbook or a webinar.

These have been converting better than the traditional webinar. Or if you can position it as a “micro webinar” you will see a better cost per conversion. A micro webinar is like a webinar but takes less than 30 minutes. People want the information and they want it now. The over-fluff of content is actually hurting many businesses.

Think of TikTok, Instagram, and even Youtube. People want the answers to their questions in the shortest amount of time possible.

#4 – Video Series

Video Series typically include 3 short videos covering a specific pain point.

For example, I have a 3 part video series that helps cover the 3 Pillars of Every Successful Facebook Ad. I specifically split this training up into three videos to help my audience digest each pillar fully. It’s like a mini course in a sense.

#5 – Challenge

In some niches, Challenges are still a great way to get people on your list, build a connection, and convert them into buyers.

These are really popular in the health and wellness niche.

The goal with Challenges is to have the person receive a specific outcome in a short amount of time (typically 5 days). This means they get almost immediate gratification from you so when you go to pitch them to join your program or course, they are over the moon excited to join.

Did you see a theme with these offers?

Most require video.

We’ve been seeing this for years now. Video consistently converts better than text.

If you are camera shy, it’s okay. You can record yourself screen sharing versus talking directly to the camera. People consume information by watching versus reading. However, if you can put multiple elements to your offer you will attract more people. This means, if you have a video masterclass, be sure to create a workbook that goes with it or a calculator, a quiz, etc. There are still people who prefer to consume by reading or actually doing, so make sure to include different aspects of these within your offer.

Also please note that if you cannot put a price tag on your offer (even a free offer) it is not worth creating and sharing. The digital space is over marketed and over saturated so you need to have something beyond awesome to get those lower cost leads on your email list.

Which offer is converting well for you right now? Drop a comment below.

Chat soon!