Find That Work-Life Balance (And STOP The Struggle)

Jul 9, 2020 | Mompreneur

If you are a mom and business owner, you know what struggle means. It can be incredibly hard finding that work-life balance you’ve been craving…but it’s not impossible.

Let’s jump into my top 5 tips for how to create a work-life balance that works for you, your business, and your family.

For those of you who are new here, my name is Becky. I am the owner of Splash Owl Media, a digital marketing agency that specializes in Facebook Ads, a wife to my college sweetheart, a serial entrepreneur, and a homeschooling mom of 3.

Yes, you heard that correctly. I am a homeschooling mom AND business owner. 

We have a 30 acre homestead outside of Asheville with a cow, chickens, bunnies, dogs, and a cat. We have plans to grow and expand with more animals in the upcoming months, and my husband has dreams of starting his hydroponics business here in the next two years. So we know what it’s like to have a full pate.

Let’s get some truths out of the way! 

I am not living a perfect life. I am not some crazy superhero mom. I live on coffee, a schedule, and a massive amount of patience. 

Some days are crazy and chaotic but others flow gracefully. #thatslife

I wanted to share with you how I balance my business and mom responsibilities and hopefully this will give you a bit of hope that you can do it too. 

Let’s dive in!

#1 – Have a schedule and routine

I’ll be very honest with you, I am probably the ONLY person in my house that likes organization and schedules. I love it and need it in my life. 

I blame it on being an Army brat and having a dad who believed “to be early is to be on time; to be on time is to be late; to be late is unacceptable”. 

I grew up in a very structured household which with nine kids, it was needed. 

Since becoming a parent myself, I believe in having a sound routine but it’s also important to give yourself some grace and breathing room if things don’t always go as planned…which can happen quite often as a parent.

One of my favorite ways to keep me and my family organized is to have a set schedule. Kids thrive with a routine and it turns out so do we. 

I use ClickUp and my Google Calendar to organize each area of our lives. (And best of all, ClickUp is free.)

Tip #2 – Give yourself some grace

Understanding that sometimes things don’t go to plan will help you approach these situations (when they do come about) with easy and patience. 

We all have these moments. Kids get sick. Internet isn’t working. Your email is down. Etc. 

Shit happens so don’t focus on the negatives. Realize “oh that sucks” and figure out what you can do right now to make it better or solve that problem.

The other day my internet was down at the exact time I needed to make some changes to an email that was going out to my list. There was literally nothing I could do so I had to take a step back and a couple of deep breathes and figure out “what can I do offline right now for my business”. 

By doing this, I was able to get so much done in the two hours without internet. As for the email that went out, it really wasn’t that big of a deal and there was nothing I could do to fix it anyways so I had to let that go.

Video Call Facetime Chatting Communication Concept

Tip #3 – Have a support system in place

Fact is, you can’t do this alone. No one got to where they are today without the help and support of at least one other person. 

For me, I have my husband and two business besties. I Voxer these ladies every day. I actually talk to them more than I talk to my best friend.

We talk through problem, brain dump, vent, do accountability checks, and so much more. They know all the ups and downs of my life and my business and are there to give love, support, and advice. 

If you don’t have business besties, go find them. Hang out in group of like-minded people, spark conversations, and build a relationship.

Tip #4 – Hire the right people

If you are at a point in your business where you desperately need to outsource things from your plate, make sure you are hiring the right person for the job. 

This includes a nanny/childcare. 

Once I hired a nanny, it was like my business grew overnight. It didn’t but it felt like that because I gained so many hours back to put into my business and I became more productive by having this other person there to care for the kids. 

Then, I was able to hire a social media manager and a copywriter. Which has propelled me even further in my business. 

If you’re at the point where you simply cannot afford to hire a team, barter. I still barter my knowledge and skills with someone else’s knowledge and skills. 

It’s amazing because you get to grow together and with each other’s help.

Tip #5 – (which should be Tip #1) Self-care

Make sure you are adding self-care to your schedule. It’s so hard as moms for us to take time for ourselves but it’s incredibly important so we can continue showing up and doing #allthethings.

For me, I like to take baths and I enjoy going on daily walks. Sometimes getting my hair and nails done is part of my self-care. Or meditating for 30 minutes a day. 

Whatever your self-care looks like, make sure it’s something just for you and actually makes you pause and relax. 

What tip do you love the most? Or do you have one you’d like to share?

Comment below. And of course if you have any questions or want to see a specific training, message me or comment below.