Let’s be honest, Facebook ads and sales funnels can be a dark and scary place. There’s a lot left up to chance, right? So many questions and hesitations like “Am I doing this right”, “Is everything setup correctly”, “What if this is a waste of money”, “What the heck are pixels and why do I need them”, and so on.

Well, please, do not fret or worry any longer.

My name is Becky and I’m the owner of Splash Owl Media. With 10 years in the marketing industry working for ad and marketing agencies, I’ve hone in a knack for Facebook marketing and sales funnels.


If you want to grow you list, increase sales, or bring in more clients than your scheduler can handle, LET’S TALK!

If you’re tired of wasting countless hours on strategies and ads that just aren’t working FOR YOUR BUSINESS, then it’s time to cut that system out and move on to better things.

SERIOUSLY! Buy some matching sweaters and leggings and let’s drink some wine together!

Facebook Ads are the difference from relying on the referrals that are trickling in, those sales that happen after spending hours a week posting to multiple groups and platforms, and those launches that never seem to hit those amazing goals you so carefully outlined TO ACTUALLY GETTING THE RESULTS YOU DESERVE!

I don’t believe in a one-fits-all sort of approach and neither does Facebook.

Bottom line, if you’re not running Facebook Ads, you’re leaving money on the table.

Running successful Facebook Ads is a game changer for EVERY BUSINESS. Get sales continuously, driving traffic to a webinar without the drama, explode your list by hundreds or thousands, bring in a consistent stream of clients…mmm, doesn’t that sound yummy?

Creatives & Copy – We create strong images and copy that converts. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to grow your community or speak to your ideal clients, Facebook ads are the way to go!

Split-Testing – This helps us narrow down our focus on the highest-converting copy, audiences, and graphic to make sure you only spend money on ads that are making you money.

Market Research – We use in-depth market research to know the best audiences, ideal daily budget, best campaigns to use, only use placements that convert, and more.

Landing Pages – Creating beautiful landing pages is not enough, the page has to also convert and align with the ad. This is a major foundation for the success of the funnel and ad strategy.

Test, Track, & Tweak – We follow the 3T’s Method to ensure you get the best results possible.

“Becky is purely amazing! In a short amount of time, Becky helped me grow my email list by over 600 people and I only spent $160. My ad was converting at $0.28/lead and even from someone who doesn’t completely understand the facebook ads world… I know that’s pretty awesome!

I hired Becky because I did not want to waste my time and money experimenting with something I didn’t completely understand. Working with Becky has been so easy and pleasant, worth every penny!”

Brittia Kubeczka

Fringe & Fitness

“I am so so sad it’s over! I really LOVED working with you. I felt like I had a member on my team and I’m thrilled with the campaign results!….

These results are really amazing! You TRIPLED my mailing list and we aren’t even done yet.”

Einat Naveh

Bridal Boost

“Becky knows EXACTLY what she’s doing when it comes to planning, implementing and managing Facebook Ads. In just one campaign, we grew our list by over 1,600 people in one month, spending less than $300 on ad spend and $0.17 per lead. In another Campaign, we grew our list by over 350 people in one month with a $200 ad spend and $0.58/ per lead. Those numbers are incredible! We had 2 very successful product launches with these results and there’s no way I could have done this on my own! If you need ANY help with your Facebook Ads, Becky is your girl!”

Rochelle Bohannon


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